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Entertainment and Education

The primary use of animation is in the field of entertainment. It is used to create content for television, movies, the Internet, and even mobile phones. Though the target audience comprises of a significant percentage of children, today content is being created keeping adults in mind as well.

Animation helps in not only keeping children entertained, but it can be used as an effective tool for education too. It can make the learning process fun and keeps them engaged. Along with the animation and its bright colors, the characters will ensure that children do not get bored when learning.

Animation helps children to intake information and ensures that it is retained for a long time, which can help them in the years ahead. It can keep them motivated and is being used extensively in classroom teaching and learning methods.

Other uses

Animation with its vast potential has proved to be a valuable tool in a range of industries. It can be used in different applications, which are not just restricted to the sectors of media and entertainment.

Here are some other sectors where animation is used:                       

  • Architecture:

The use of animation in the field of architecture helps to create various structures such as buildings, moving vehicles and even people. In addition, landscaping can also be created to give a complete view of the project. This can help potential buyers tomake a well-informed purchasing decision.

  • Advertising:

The field of advertising requires a brand to grab the attention of a viewer in a matter of only a few seconds. Animation has proven to perform this task well and has played a pivotal role in campaigns.

It can be used to create characters or a completely animated ad. It can also be incorporated into an ad with live action. Thus with such a wide range of possibilities, animation can help increase the reach of the brand to its users through television and computers.

When animation is used in advertising it has also been shown to improve brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

  • Medical field:

One of the most significant and valuable contributions of animation is in the field of medical science. Many institutions have realized how helpful animation can be in this sector. This has led to films being created, which are based on a surgical or physiological topic.

Though such films can be used for various audiences, they are primarily used as instructional tools for medical professionals.

  • Forensics:

The field of forensics has also benefited from animation. There is a separate branch of animation called forensic animation, which helps investigators solve cases. An animation is used to recreate incidents and thus can be a huge help in the investigation process.

  • Mechanical designing:

Today technology is evolving and new and improved products are being launched consistently. Companies spend millions of dollars to develop new products and test them. The use of animation can help them drastically cut down on development costs and save a substantial amount of money.