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A career in the field of animation requires a great combination of skill, creativity, and passion. It can be challenging and rewarding as well.

 Some animators may create video games or movies while others may be responsible for creating visual effects that are used in television shows or movies.

 Those aspiring for a career in animation must be aware that the industry can get highly competitive. There are a number of capable and talented professionals who work in various subdivisions of the animation category.

 A large percentage of animators work as freelancers while some get an opportunity to work in advertising agencies, production studios, graphic design firms, etc.

Finding a Job

In this highly creative and competitive industry, getting the right job opportunity to work can make a huge difference to the career prospects ahead. Many animators who have just earned their degree may dream of working in a large production studio. However, landing a job there is not an easy task.

Here are some tips to make the process easier:

  • A college degree, though preferred by many employers, is not necessary. You may find plenty of resources online that can help you learn about your desired subject. Some of them may be even better than what you would learn at college.
  • Most studios would prefer hiring someone with experience rather than a fresher. Hence it is important to land a job and even work for free as it can help you gain valuable experience.
  • Creating a great portfolio, which displays your abilities to the maximum, is important to make a good first impression. Make sure you include your resume and personal details such as phone number, email address, etc.